Real Estate

Partnerships and financing of real estate projects.


With approximately 300 acres of cultivated rubber trees in Daboase in the Western Region of Ghana intercropped with delicious pineapples.


Situated in New Ningo, just 45 minutes from Accra, enjoy one of the most beautiful ocean-side venues in Ghana, combined with meeting rooms with expansive, green gardens and a breezy beach front.


Partnerships with confectionery companies.

Health Insurance

We are the new face of healthcare financing in Ghana. We provide health plans that best suits your needs and budget.


With a focus on delivering the highest quality distribution model through our relationship with a network of market counterparties. We specialize in trading and distributing financial securities such as equities and fixed income instruments.

Fund Management

We aim to grow income in the short- to medium-terms while also providing long-term capital growth. Through a well-diversified portfolio of carefully selected, high-value SME debt and quasi-equity assets which will preserve invested capital and ensure returns.


Our main objective is to create simple, streamlined solutions to complex challenges and transactions by offering specialized full financial advisory services, specifically and individually tailored to clients' needs.

Fixed Income

Bespoke securities sale and trading services to both local and foreign investors on the Ghanaian capital market.


Provision of financial services such as loans to small businesses and individuals who are unable to access theses services from the traditional banking sector.

Venture Capital

Provision of financing to promote and support activities of SME’s with long-term growth potential.

Debt & Credit Solutions

Loan acquisition, restructuring and recovery. We also provide credit solutions such as Credit Default Swaps etc. leveraging off the wealth of credit and debt knowledge

Social & Impact Capital

Investment into companies to generate measurable, beneficial social and environment impact alongside financial return.

Manufacturing And Production

Manufacturing and processing of natural rubber.


  • Best Practice - Improving the quality of our service by utilizing the best methods and continuously self-assessing against the highest international standards.
  • Unique Approach - Delivering alternative and innovative solutions uniquely tailored for each client.
  • Leadership - Consistently staying ahead by excelling while setting new standards.
  • Long Term - Creating long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant and by consistently delivering value.
  • Integrity - Being ethically unyielding, consistently honest and inspiring trust.
  • Outstanding Client Service - We invest time to know our clients, enabling us to give outstanding service that is relevant and effective.
  • Nurturing Talent - Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business and clients.

What We Do

Bullion is an indigenous investment & advisory group of companies with extensive experience in:

  • Originating, structuring and advising on projects and investments
  • Fund management and warehousing investments with demonstrated growth & value proposition/preservation.
  • Trading and distributing securities.

Our business force and strength relies heavily on the individual talents and diversity available within our workforce. Our team is made up of very experienced professionals who have both financial and practical industry experience. This practical industry background combined with several years of banking, private equity, fund management and entrepreneurial experience both in Ghana and internationally places Bullion’s business in an exclusive and formidable disposition


Our clients and investment companies benefit immensely from the in-house expertise of Bullion: leveraging off our team’s entrepreneurial, dynamic and extensive industry experience to add significant value. We believe that the success of our investment depends on, inter alia , the technical or additional practical (quantifiable) value our team contributes, which solidifies, confirms and extends the relationship beyond a merely financial or advisory one to one where the investment or client depends extensively on all of our broad expertise to create, unlock and preserve value.

  • Real Estate
  • Farming
  • Hospitality
  • Confectionery
  • Health Insurance
  • Fund Management
  • Advisory
  • Fixed Income
  • Microfinance
  • Venture Capital
  • Debt & Credit Solutions
  • Social & Impact Capital
  • Manufacturing And Production
  • Brokerage


Our commitment at BIG is to be leaders and catalysts for change in the environment we operate in. These are at the heart of our corporate and social values. For our operations to be sustainable, we believe our strengths and resources should be used to contribute to a greater public good. This involves investing in our people, building trust and integrity through responsible business practices and understanding and reducing our impact on the environment through local community projects and education.


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